Festival Menu

It’s Food fit for a King!


The kitchens at the Colorado Renaissance Festival had a variety of mouth-watering items to offer you during your visit! Anything from the famous Turkey Legs, to juicy Steak on a Stake, Roasted Corn on a Cob, and Fresh-Cut Fries, your guide to your weekend feast starts here!

Canterbury Kitchens
Chicken Wraps * Turkey Drumsticks * Sausage on a Stick
Earl of Bratwurst * Baked Potato * Baron of Beef
Hot Buttered Corn on the Cob * Roasted Corn
Pork Tails * Turkey Drumsticks * Chicken Teriyaki Croissant
Smashed Potatoes * Pork Chop on a Stick * Barbecued Pork
Bread Bowls filled with Soups & Salads
Italian Ices * Frozen Yogurt * Fruit Cobbler * Strawberry Shortcake

International Food Court
Pizza by the Slice * Italian Breadsticks * Lasagna
Yakatori Chicken * Smothered Burritos * Nachos * Meatball sandwiches
Apples with Caramel * Italian Ices * Fruit Kabobs
Kettle Corn

Knight’s Kitchen
Steak Sandwich * Steak on a Stake * Sausage or Chicken on a Stick
Dragon Wings * Reuben Sandwich * Fried Cheese * Spinach Pie
Corn Dog * Sweet Potato Fries * Funnel Cakes * Fried Ice Cream
Spicy Onion Chips * Fried Pickles * Cheese Stuffed Pretzel
Breaded Beans with Thai Curry Peanut Sauce
Iced Tea * Orange Slush * Apple Cider * Orange Juice
Milk * Root Beer * Lemonade

Queen’s Pantry
Artichokes * Red Beans, Rice & Sausage
Macaroni & Cheese on a Stick * Scotch Egg * Chicken Empanada
Stuffed Focaccia Sandwich * Chicken or Beef Gyros * Fresh-Cut Fries
Crab Cakes * Der Banger Cheddar Brat
Big Ivan Polish Sausage Portobello Mushroom Sandwich
Waffle Ice Cream Cone * Death by Chocolate * Royal Banana Crepe
Baklava * Chocolate Mousse
Iced Tea * Cafresso (Coffee Slush) * Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Shaved Ice * Fruit Smoothies * Spring Water * Root Beer Float * Royal Shake

King’s Pantry
Steak on a Stake * King’s Sausage * Meatball Wrap
Fish and Chips * Onion Rings * Cheese Bread
Fried Ice Cream * Pretzels * Cheese Stuffed Pretzels * Spinach Pie
Pretzel Dog * Popcorn Shrimp & Chips * Clam Strips & Chips
Iced Tea * Root Beer * Lemonade

Friar Tuck’s Bakery
Friar Tuck’s Cinnamon Rolls * Variety of Breads * Homemade Cookies
Cake & Pies * Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Cup * Fruit Tarts
Spinach Croissants * Raspberry Croissants
Chocolate Eclairs * Cream Puffs * Hot Apple Dumplings * Veggie Bagel
Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bananas * Frozen Cheesecake on a Stick
Vanilla & Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches * Chocolate Brownies
Hot or Cold Chai Tea * Frozen Mocha Coffee Drinks * Gourmet Coffees
Latte * Cappuccino * Iced Coffee * Hot Chocolate
Milk * Herbal Teas * Lemonade * Freshly Brewed Iced Tea
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice * Pirate Splash
Featuring Gluten-Free Items