2021 Opening Day is Saturday, September 4th and Every Weekend Through Sunday, October 10th!

Affordable Fun For Everyone!



This season we will take you on a magical tour through time and legend. As you wander down the village streets and pathways of the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, experience a A 16th Century Renaissance Amusement Park! Ready thyself to revel with master revelers, watch artisans create original works of their ancient craft and be taken in by the tantalizing aromas of roast turkey legs, steak on a stake, fresh baked goods and much more. Featuring a cast of hundreds of authentically costumed merrymakers living and working throughout the village and performing, continuously, upon the Festival’s stages, the illusion of a rollicking 16th Century festival day is created.


We Will Have More Music, Magic, and Merriment than Ever Before!


It's Food Fit For A King!
Your Weekend Feast Begins Here!

Dragonfire - Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

The Kingdom's Brave And Skilled Knights!

Come experience the thrill of Chivalrous Knights and Brave Steeds engaging daily in Three Exciting Jousting Competitions! Featuring the Finest in Equestrian Skills and Combat Jousting, these Noble Knights prove that “Chivalry Lives!” and Heroes walk among us at The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival.

The Craic Show - The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival
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Entertainment For All Ages!

We Will Have More Music, Magic, and Merriment than Ever Before! The Acts will Amaze You, Save You, Bonk You on the Head, & Make You Spew with Laughter!

KONC: Jousters - The Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire

Entertainement From All Corners Of The Realm!

Lynx’s Sword Swallowing Show - The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

Lynx’s Sword Swallowing

The Lynx Show is a unique blend of magic, sword swallowing, and comedy. The Lynx Show is sure to thrill you! So, don’t miss out and be part of the fun!

The Dancing Doll Show- The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

The Dancing Doll

Join the village toymaker as his latest creation comes to life before your very eyes. Its a family friendly adventure for children of all ages!

Cast In Bronze: Charlie St.Cyr-Paul - The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

Cast In Bronze

Cast In Bronze, The Legacy Tour featuring Carillonneur Charlie St.Cyr-Paul. Cast In Bronze brings an entirely new show to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival.

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Explore Our Marketplace

This event features over 100 shops with unique and handmade wares including art in various media, jewelry, clothing and costumes, weapons, pottery, shoes. Live demonstrations throughout the Realm include our Blacksmith and Glassblowing. The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is an ideal place to shop for unique and quality items.

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Themed Weekends Or
Themed Weddings

Whether you’re looking for a great adventure to have or you want to celebrate that special day with magic, The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival is the perfect place.
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