• Affordable Fun For Everyone!     Welcome to a New Year of Magical Memories!

    Affordable Fun For Everyone! Welcome to a New Year of Magical Memories!
  • Twig and the other inhabitants of the Realm will make sure you have a Fairy good time!

  • The Kingdom's brave and skilled Knights will impress and defend you.

    Kingdom’s brave and skilled Knights
  • Games of skill and daring!       Entertainment for all!

  • Explore the offerings of over 200 talented juried artisans.

    Crafts and Artisans Village
  • Return to the Realm often, every weekend is unique! But there are only eight.  

    Come back

Good King Henry invites you to the 2015 Colorado Renaissance Festival.

For our 39th season, we take you on a magical tour through time and legend. As you wander down the village streets and pathways of the Colorado Renaissance Festival, ready thyself to revel with master revelers, watch artisans create original works of their ancient craft and be taken in by the tantalizing aromas of roast turkey legges, steak on a stake, fresh baked goods and much more.

Featuring a cast of hundreds of authentically costumed merrymakers living and working throughout the village and performing, continuously, upon the Festival's seven stages, the illusion of a rollicking 16th Century festival day is created. Impromptu encounters with the royalty and peasantry of Tudor England are commonplace.

You'll meet all kinds, from jousters to jugglers to minstrels to maidens faire, all schooled in the art of interactive theater! Much new entertainment has been summoned by Good King Henry for this glorious season. For eight special summer weekends enjoy family fun for children and magical times for adults.

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Contests and Applications

2014 Festival Program

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2013 Colorado Renaissance Festival Program