Category: Jewelry

K. Dopita Studio

Pewter sculptures, goblets, pins, necklaces, chess boards and so much more!

The Silver Tongue

Gorgeous jewelry made with high quality metals and precious gemstones.

Coin Strike

Choose two designs and watch as the 150 pound hammer creates your unique Coin Medallion!

Uncommon Adornments

Handmade Celtic and Mythical jewelry using quality metals and gorgeous gemstones.


Flasks, hair spirals, hats, and Celtic accoutrement.

Twisted Spiders

High-end beaded spiders using artisan glass beads, stainless steel, premium crystals, gemstones, and unique rare beads.

Sea Song Designs

Fabulous freshwater pearls, gemstone jewelry, and pocket watches.

Raven’s Glass

Amazing glass sculptures, marbles, and more. Stop by to watch the artistic process!

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